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Home remedies for common cold

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For common cold, most of the people have their own homemade remedies. Some of these home remedies for common cold have been supported by the research done by scientists. Researchers across the world are yet finding out the ways to prevent or cure the common cold but in all, there will be only treatment but not the cure.

Chicken soup – selenium is found in chicken which is an important element for the proper functioning of immune system and for the overall good health as well. Most of the people would recommend the chicken soup if you ask how to prevent common cold as they know hat people will be able to feel better after consuming the chicken soup.

Throat will get sooth after consuming warm soup. Nose gets decongested temporarily with the steam and will thus make it easy to breathe. Adding pepper, garlic and onion to the soup can have increase effect on cold. These spicy additions will be easier to small and taste. Both the smell and taste senses will be reduced while having the symptoms of common cold. This is certainly one of the most common home remedies of common cold.

Lemon and honey tea – there is lots of vitamin C in lemon juice as vitamin C is very much vital for the proper functioning of immune system. Herbal teas made of Mullein and when it is sweetened wit honey and also with lemon will have soothing effect on throat and open the clogged breathing passages temporarily.

Another method to relieve from cough is by using the horehound tea. Green tea will have greater effect on body as it will increase the metabolism rate and thus effectively increase the energy as well. A green tea will have good effects on the overall heath of the body and even improves the memory system as well. This is considered to be one of the best home remedies of common cold.

Orange Juice – in most of the home remedies, fluids and liquids are used more frequently for common cold. Research shows that fluids containing vitamin C will reduce the period of or duration of cold symptoms.

Humidifiers and steam baths – congestion during the cold can be temporarily reduced while inhaling steam. Experts say that a dry nose will be more probe to the viral infections. Using the room humidifiers or else just sitting in the steamy bathroom will not relieve you from cold. Researchers have found that the rhinovirus and some other viruses are responsible for the cold symptoms.

Rest – to human health, rest is very much required. However, rest is very much required during any infections. Resting on the bed is one of the common homemade remedies for the common cold. A study is not been done on whether the rest will reduce the duration of cold symptoms but yet most of the doctors recommend rest while having the common cold.

Resting on the bed is the cool home made remedy that has no side effects. But most of the people practice this remedy at home so that they can get cold symptoms treated. Above mentioned remedies are all home remedies for common cold and there are many other home remedies for common cold as well.

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