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SweatBlock Reviews – The Pros and Cons

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Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. The Pros and Cons
  3. Is It For Me?


SweatBlock is a product for all types of sweating, so no matter what your problem is, SweatBlock was designed to help your underarms stay high and dry. It leaves no sticky feeling or residue so you will really feel dry and comfortable.

The morning after using it at night, you can go about your usual business of using a regular deodorant or shaving, knowing that your underarms will stay sweat free. Many people have tried the product out and are raving about its efficacy.

Their site lists many happy customers who have tried and tested their product, with the company boasting of its success as seen in their customer report that less than 1% have requested a refund, and the fact that they have a high average effectiveness of the product as seen in the number of days their customers had dry sweat free underarms.

Its high quality ingredients are all in line with the FDA guidelines, so you are sure that nothing toxic is coming into contact with your skin. The producer is also a highly renowned chemist so you know that the product is well formulated and thought off before being put out into the market for consumption and sale.

The product also comes with a thirty day money back guarantee should it fail to treat your underarm sweating problem. Other questions you may have are answered on the website through its Frequently Asked Questions page.

Your personal records are definitely kept private, and SweatBlock is also delivered discreetly to ensure utmost privacy in your life.

They also offer certain promotions or discounts through online social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, and YouTube, so connecting to them through there for their latest events and promotions can help further lower the price you have to spend. Their online platform and easy delivery make them a convenient merchant to deal with.

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One drawback however is that it is not a deodorant, in the sense that body odor may still persist, despite feeling no sweat. It also works best only when your sweat glands are the least active, so you will have to figure out when they are not at their most hyper stage during the day or night and apply it then in order to achieve optimal results.

Lastly, there are some countries where they cannot deliver as they cannot assure that it will get to your doorstep, so you may want to check whether they can deliver at all to your country.

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